L’épluchette de blé d’inde

Fun from our Friday afternoon corn boil with both grade 6 immersion classes.  

L’épluchette de blé d’inde is a traditional corn boil to signify the end of the summer season.




AIM gesture practice

Each student has a log-in to the AIM portal (username is firstname-lastname, all lower case; password is first name lower case).  Here there are many different resources including raps, songs, the play that we will soon be delving into, as well as the various gestures we have been using and that students may review on their own.

To access the gestures, login, go to « Regarder des vidéos », and scroll down to « Actions », beginning with Section A.


How I handle homework

Every second Friday, I collect all students cahiers (duo-tangs) for each subject.  I will go through each cahier, and put a large check mark on work that is completed and correct; if it is completed but needs some corrections, I will write « à corriger »; if it is incomplete, there will be no check mark.

Students have the opportunity to finish incomplete assignments and finish corrections by the following Friday.

Once every couple of months (near month’s end), I send home cahiers with students to be reviewed by parents, along with a small self and teacher assessment regarding work habits, use of class time, use of French in class, and general behaviour.  These are to be signed by parents so that I am aware that you have seen their cahiers as well as their progress report.


Bienvenue en 6è année!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone.  We are going to have a fantastic year together.

Please check out this site for information on happenings in class, ideas for extension, links to songs and other helpful tidbits. 🙂

We will also be posting some in-action snapshots and videos from class as time progresses.

Parents, please have a look at this information on the AIM (Accelerated Integrated Methodology) program that we will be using in class this year.


Important:  I have created student logins for a class AIM Portal that I have set-up.  Your son/daughter/guardian can access this portal at http://class.aimlanguagelearning.com/welcome.  Login is student’s name in all lower-case with a dash between first and last names.  Password is student’s first name, with first letter capitalized.

Looking forward to a successful school year,

Madame Dexter 🙂