Math quiz: mercredi le 5 octobre

Are you able to use mental strategies to multiply numbers?  Being able to multiply in your head is so much easier than having to write it down and go through the problem.

One mental strategy is « le double et le démi » (the double and the half).

25 x 16   becomes

50 x 8  (You double the first number and halve the second).

5 x8 = 40  (Take the zero off to make it easier to multiply using your times tables).

Add the zero back in

= 400


Try to answer this one mentally on your own, and you can check afterwards by multiplying it out long-hand.

45 x 18




Upcoming Fall Fun!

This Friday, the two grade 6 French Immersion classes will hiking to Pulpit Rock.  Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather, and bring a water bottle and light snack.

The following Friday, October 14th, both groups of FI will be adventuring to Camp Busk to learn about Old Growth Forests.

This field trip is facilitated by the Wildsight Program, and we will have Genna Rose Lintz as our knowledgable field leader.  To learn more about this program, visit