How can I support my child in French Immersion?

Here are some wonderful ways in which you can support your son or daughter this year–whether or not you speak French. 🙂

Valuing French

  • I show an interest in my child’s school day
  • I show an interest in extracurricular activities in French
  • I ensure that my child has access to books, CDs, videos, and games in French
  • I ask my child about what he or she is viewing, reading, or listening to in French
  • I register my child in French activities
  • I encourage my child to speak French at home (if I don’t understand, my child can teach me!)
  • I admire my child’s ability to speak French
  • I recognize his or her progress in French
  • I find ways to contribute to my child’s school life
  • I try to learn French words and expressions and use them with my child
  • I don’t mind being in situations where I don’t understand everything
  • I serve as a mentor to my child by correcting my own French

Using resources in the community

  • I encourage my child to socialize with other French-speaking children.
  • I provide support for my child’s homework
  • I make use of the resources suggested by the school
  • I talk with my child about French-speaking people who are involved in the arts, in politics, or in sports.

Enriching my child’s communication skills

  • I take time to read, interact, and play with my child in my own language.
  • I am proud of my language skills
  • I take advantage of situations that help my child discover the value of speaking more than one language.

* Borrowed from the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.