La vente aux enchères

Students earned class money all month by speaking French spontaneously.  Team « Les fèves » also won money for having the most points at the end of the month.  Teams earn points by being the first group ready to work, by listening attentively, speaking French, or winning a game.  They can lose points by team members speaking English.

With their hard-earned money, students were able to purchase all sorts of items.  From a horse head, homemade jam, bracelets and trinkets, to books, deluxe cupcakes and Rice Krispie squares, I was impressed with the items everyone brought and how excited they were to buy and sell.

La vente was a great opportunity to have fun as a French-learning community on a Friday afternoon, as well as practice our oral speaking skills.  Par exemple:

« Combien est-ce qu’on m’offre pour un petit livre? »  

« Vingt dollars! »

« Une fois!  Deux fois!  Trois fois!  Vendu à Suzanne pour vingt dollars! »


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